Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Spring Into Horror Readathon 2023

This month long readathon is hosted by Michelle at Seasons of Reading.  The cold and dreary days of March are behind us and the world is trying to shake the frigid coat of old man winter.  April is the perfect month to snuggle up with a blanket with a cup of hot Yorkshire tea, and get to reading horror.  One of my favourite genres.

I am excited to share two pieces of news today, both of which have to do with the Spring into Horror Readathon.  The first is, that my lovely wife is going to join me  this month on my reading journey.  We have both registered with the readathon and we have decided to read the same books at the same time.  Now, she is a much faster reader than I am, but I think we will have a fun competition and enjoy discussing t he books at the same time.  Super excited about that!

The second piece of information I am going to share are the 4 books we have chosen to read for the readathon.  Usually, I overthink the choices I select, wonder if they are too long, read some reviews, switch and select other books, etc.  This time, I just went into my Kobo and chose the first four books that were classified as horror that I have not yet read.  And here they are in the order we will be reading them.

 Updated 2023-04-10 12:48 PM

TitleAuthorPagesTimeRead FromRead toDateStevenDiane
HideKiersten White2568 hours     
HideKiersten White2561.2137Fri, Mar 31, 230%0%
HideKiersten White2561.23873Sat, Apr 1, 2328%20%
HideKiersten White2561.274110Sun, Apr 2, 2332%38%
HideKiersten White2561.2111146Mon, Apr 3, 2345%56%
HideKiersten White2561.2147183Tue, Apr 4, 2376%85%
HideKiersten White2561.2184220Wed, Apr 5, 23100%100%
HideKiersten White2561.2221257Thu, Apr 6, 23100%100%
Night ChillsDean Koontz38412 hours     
Night ChillsDean Koontz3841.2138Fri, Apr 7, 2319%19%
Night ChillsDean Koontz3841.23977Sat, Apr 8, 2340%36%
Night ChillsDean Koontz3841.278115Sun, Apr 9, 23100%100%
Night ChillsDean Koontz3841.2116154Mon, Apr 10, 23100%100%
Night ChillsDean Koontz3841.2156192Tue, Apr 11, 23100%100%
Night ChillsDean Koontz3841.2193231Wed, Apr 12, 23100%100%
Night ChillsDean Koontz3841.2232269Thu, Apr 13, 23100%100%
Night ChillsDean Koontz3841.2270307Fri, Apr 14, 23100%100%
Night ChillsDean Koontz3841.2308346Sat, Apr 15, 23100%100%
Night ChillsDean Koontz3841.2347385Sun, Apr 16, 23100%100%
The Black CountryAlex Grecian40110 hours     
The Black CountryAlex Grecian4011.2144Mon, Apr 17, 23  
The Black CountryAlex Grecian4011.24589Tue, Apr 18, 23  
The Black CountryAlex Grecian4011.290133Wed, Apr 19, 23  
The Black CountryAlex Grecian4011.2134178Thu, Apr 20, 23  
The Black CountryAlex Grecian4011.2179222Fri, Apr 21, 23  
The Black CountryAlex Grecian4011.2223267Sat, Apr 22, 23  
The Black CountryAlex Grecian4011.2268311Sun, Apr 23, 23  
The Black CountryAlex Grecian4011.2312356Mon, Apr 24, 23  
The Black CountryAlex Grecian4011.2357401Tue, Apr 25, 23  
HorrorstorGrady Hendrix2406 hours     
HorrorstorGrady Hendrix2401.2148Wed, Apr 26, 23  
HorrorstorGrady Hendrix2401.24996Thu, Apr 27, 23  
HorrorstorGrady Hendrix2401.297144Fri, Apr 28, 23  
HorrorstorGrady Hendrix2401.2145192Sat, Apr 29, 23  
HorrorstorGrady Hendrix2401.2193240Sun, Apr 30, 23 

1) Night Chills by Dean Koontz: This book was published in 1976, when Koontz was considered a master of horror.  I love almost everything Dean writes, so it is good to start with one of the authors who got me hooked on horror.


2) Hide by Kiersten White:  I have been waiting to read this book for a special occasion and that occasion has arrived.  This was a highly praised book on a number of review sites and I am tickled pink that I have obtained this book and will be reading it during the readathon.

3) The Black Country by Alex Grecian:  This is the second book in the series of Scotland Yard's Murder Squad.  If his second book is half of what his first book was, I will be absolutely ecstatic.  This is more of an historical thriller, but the author has a way of describing old Victorian London in all it's suspenseful creepiness. Sure to be another good read.

4) Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix:  I have read a couple of books by Grady and I have loved them all so far.  This one is billed as a horror/comedy.  A nice light shorter horror book to end the readathon.  I hope I get this far in the reading in April, as this is sure to be an enjoyable one.

That is it!  My reading schedule is below to help me stay on track.  Hope everyone has a horrorible time reading during the readathon.  Stay in touch on Discord or on the GoodReads site.