Hello all you fellow bloggers and blog readers. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Hopefully you will like my content and subscribe to my ramblings. Even if you don’t, I hope your experience here is a delightful one.

I am a fifty something family man with many diverse interests. One of my first loves has always and will always be reading. Nothing has changed in the 45ish years that I have been reading, except now, the variety of which you can choose your read, has never been more exciting.  The availability and sheer numbers of books available to almost everyone can be overwhelming…and that is a good thing. A VERY good thing indeed. About 9 years ago my loving family purchased my first Kobo for me. It revolutionized the way I read. I could take literally hundreds of books with me wherever I wanted to, and the ease in which to read a book changed my world. The biggest thing for me was the font resizing. I could literally read anything! Recently I purchased the new Kobo Aura HD and I am happy to say, I still enjoy reading.

Another recent hobby I have started is listening to podcasts. This is another way technology has spoiled us in a positive way. Growing up, I would stay up late on hot summer nights, waiting to listen to the newest radio audio drama that would be played at midnight on my local radio station. They would mostly replay the old radio shows, but I loved them anyways. My first foray into radio plays was of course, Orson Wells adaptation of War of the Worlds. Generations of younger people will never get to experience the fascination of tuning into your local radio station, and listening live as aliens are invading earth, and all the while, you are never sure if this was actually happening. You can read some stories on that event here.

Back to podcasting… I have discovered some absolutely fantastic podcasts.  Some audio dramas, some true crime, some mystery, some creepy, and some downright terrifying.  I will share some of my finds along the way and post them here.  I hope you have fun discovering them along with me.

I have also dabbled with html, GUI design, and programming when Fortran and Pascal were the in thing. But that was years ago. Currently I am interested in Linux and have tried almost 40 flavours of Linux including Arch, Debian, Ubuntu and others.  That’s enough about me.

I had started a modest book review site, quite a while back for two reasons. The first was to help me keep track of my reads, and secondly, to share my love of reading and to hopefully encourage other readers to read something that was either out of their comfort zone, or maybe find their next good read.  This blog is my little contribution to the World Wide Web.  It is inspired by other book bloggers I have met on my journey, (you know who you are) and I must tell you, they are the most friendly bunch you may never meet in person. The product you see here is never accomplished by one person.  I would like to thank many people, but my family, first and foremost, has an Honorable mention.  Thank you especially, to my wife, who has put up with my blogging inspirations for years and have finally decided to look at it seriously.  Thank you to all who will read my posts and I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoy writing them.  Cheers!

Everyone needs a good sidekick. Reading 24 hours straight. My reading companion is never far from my side. Love him to bits.

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