Saturday, March 30, 2019

#SpringHorror #Readathon and Spring!

Good day to all my blog followers.  It has been a few frigid months since I have blogged on this site.  Many reasons and excuses why, but too many to even mention.  So on we go with the reason I write this blog.  Reading!

The last time I wrote on here it was winter and the Christmas season was winding down.  I had also participated in the Winter's Respite readathon, but did not post my readings or my TBR list.  It was a very busy time for me but I still found some time to do what I love.

Today, it is two days from April 1st, (of the year 2019), which to me, very nearly marks the beginning of spring.  Michelle, down at the Seasons of Reading blogspot, hosts a very laid back type of readathon this time of year called the Spring into Horror readathon.

This is always one of my favorite readathons to participate in, as I love reading horror, and as a bonus, I see what all the other participants are reading, which usually translates into a larger TBR list for yours truly.  This year, I have chosen a not so ambitious list of two books to read during this year's readathon.  As I have said before, in many of my previous posts, I am just a damn slow reader.  But that doesn't mean I can't participate in readathons.  Everyone is welcome, as you are too.  There is always time to join.  Just click the picture above and it will take you to the registration page.  The participants are super friendly and always ready to chat.  If you feel drawn to read horror this spring, this is the place for you.  The readathon officially starts at 12:00 am CDT on April 1 and ends at 11:59 pm on April 30.

Below is an image of my TBR list for this year and a link to download it if you are at all interested. SpringHorror TBR 2019

SpringHorror TBR 2019


The first book I chose is Lost Boy Lost Girl by, who I consider one of my favorite horror writers , Peter Straub.


A woman commits suicide for no apparent reason. A week later, her son– fifteen-year-old Mark Underhill–vanishes. His uncle, novelist Timothy Underhill, searches his hometown of Millhaven for clues that might help unravel this horrible dual mystery.

The Second Book is by an author I have been watching, and wanting to read her books, but haven't had a chance until now.  This book is the first in a trilogy called Parasitology. The book is aptly titled, Parasite by Mira Grant.


It’s a SF/horror/thriller about people being taken over by tapeworms and becoming tapeworm powered zombies.... and it apparently ends in a cliffhanger.  I may have my next two books already planned out for me if this book lives up to its hype.  This one sounds like fun.

There you have it.  Book reviews should follow after the #SpringHorror #Readathon is finished.  Hope you all continue to have fun and read.