Sunday, November 24, 2019

One Month Until Christmas 2019

Hello All!
It has been a while since I posted and I do apologize. Every time I make a commitment to post more regularly, my life takes a turn, and time seems to evaporate.
In this post I will share the results of my previous post and my reading progress from fall as well.  I have also discovered some amazing podcasts by way of my fourteen year old son who is turning into a rabid podcast devour-er, which I will share on my podcasts page.
On to the Fall read-a-thons results.  This is the time of year that I love to hunker down and read some new scary reading.  It is also a bridge to my next favorite season which is Christmas.  As I mentioned earlier, time seems to be evaporating on me.  I never truly had time to settle down these last couple of months, and read any good books ... except one.  Thanks to a read-a-long that was hosted by Michelle Miller at Seasons of Reading.  The read-a-long was set at a pace that I could easily follow, and I could catch up before bed if needed.  The read-a-long book that was chosen was Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.  This book is promoted as The Shining Part II.  In all honesty, it is very much a standalone read, and I haven''t enjoyed a Stephen King book in a long time as much as this book.  So even though, the quantity of books read over the fall wasn't there, the quality certainly was, thanks to the read-a-long.  I look forward to reviewing this book in the near future...after I watch the movie of course.
The other cool thing we did in our Castle Macabre group was a watch-a-long of a movie called Midsommar. I initially wasn't able to attend as I was already preoccupied at the predetermined time that we were all supposed hit play on our recordings but, I came home early and the participants actually paused their watching so I could catch up to the point at which they were watching.  Who would do that?  The group is so awesome. And so I was able to watch this movie with a great bunch of people and discuss certain aspects while viewing.  It was such fun.
That was about the extent of my fall fun.  Not even close to my previous post where I had a pretty ambitious layout of what my actual plan was. I was also not able to participate in the Dewey''s 24 Hour Read-a-thon. I was pretty bummed out about that, but things happen. Still! I am good with what I was able to accomplish and I enjoyed every minute I was able to spend doing it.
But now it is the end of November and exactly one month until Christmas Eve.  So now it is time for the ... Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge. I do love Christmas and I am going to attempt to get out of this reading slump I am in.  I signed up about two minutes ago, and if you love Christmas stories and reading everything festive, you can do so here  as well.  It is a very relaxed read-a-thon that you can read at your own pace and interact with some truly lovely people, who also love reading.

I will post my unambitious TBR list and hope that I can find time to finish one of these books.  They will all help me get into the Christmas Spirit! The first on my list will be "The Christmas Carol", by Charles Dickens.  I have seen 4 adaptations of this story in movie form, it is time I read this story from start to finish.  From there I have a sequel to the Christmas Carol titled "Mr. Dicken''s and His Carol" by Samantha Silva.  Looking forward to both of these reads.  If I still have time after that, I will partake in a little "More Holmes for the Holidays", which is an anthology of Sherlock Holmes short mystery stories set during the Christmas season.  How cool is that!?

That is it for now.  Good Reading to all, and to all a good book!