Sunday, April 8, 2018

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon April 2018


It is done!  I officially enrolled myself into the Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon.  This is not my first attempt at reading for a length of 24 hours for this read-a-thon.  Last year, April 2017, I was also a participant, and my son was eager to do it with me.  I lasted 19 hours straight, and then I was done.  He could have easily finished, but because I was asleep, he decided to call it quits as well.  But in those 19 hours we had a ton of fun!  This is such a well done readathon, so many cheerleaders, lots of mini challenges, and a great time to connect with so many interesting people.  It goes by so quickly!

This year I am lucky to have my sister join me in my quest to read for 24 hours.  I am in Canada, and she is in the US, but we start at the same time.  This is the first time she will have participated in any kind of readathon so I am excited for her as well.  She will be updating on Facebook, so you can wish her luck if you wish.  Personally, I will be placing my updates hourly on Twitter through Goodreads and other occasional updates on Instagram.

I have not yet made up a TBR list for the day, but because it is running in conjunction with the #SpringHorror RAT, I will also need to adjust that list.  My only dilemma is if I continue to read horror throughout the 24 hour RAT, or read something a little more light and fun.  I do have some time to think about it.

The main issue here is that I am a sloooow reader.  I read slow, but I do immerse myself into every book and take on the qualities of each character.  I have always done this as a young lad, and reading has taken me to some very interesting lands and places of the imagination I have never dreamed of.  But I digress... I read approximately 36 pages an hour.  If I take a ten minute break (to check out the mini challenges and what other folks are reading and posting) I will read less than that. Plus an approximate total of two hours to eat and other sustaining stuff, I estimate the 24 hours will be whittled down to (10 minutes x 24 hours) + (120 minutes to eat meals) = 6 hours - 24 hours = 18 hours of actual reading time.  18 x 30 pages = approximately 540 pages of reading.  That is 2 good books.  And I am absolutely ok with that!  Believe me when I say you want to take time to immerse yourself into social online fun of this readathon.  It isn't a race.  It is time to test your reading stamina and see if you can still stay awake for 24 hours straight.

There is also time for you to join as well if you would like to be involved at all.  You don't have to be a reader.  You can host a mini challenge or sign up for cheerleader duties.  If you are so inclined, please click here to find out more about this twice a year readathon, including its roots and why it still continues today.

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