Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring in WINNIPEG 2013

Well, It was a cruel joke that Mother Nature was playing on us, the first day of Spring on March 20th, 2013.  I woke up to a frozen snow filled landscape with a wind chill, the temperature felt like -28C.  I then started hearing reports of the weather last year at this time was at the exact other end of the spectrum, +28C.  My neighbour graciously provided this picture to prove the point and add to my misery.<

This picture was taken exactly a year ago to the date of March 20th.

As you can see, they are enjoying the sunshine and are nowhere near freezing  in there short haired fur coats.  If you can use your imagination, the same picture, only white.  40" of snow has fallen and it is slowly melting now, but temps aren't getting much above 0C.  Since the weather is not co-operating, I have to do other things to help me get into the Spring mood.  I have begun to plan our garden this year, which will be following the Square Foot Gardening method.  A lot of this blog will be about my challenges, projects and fulfilment of the gardening done in my small backyard.  I hope to share with you the fruits of my really! :)

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